Payment Terms

Billing for monthly fees is in advance. Billing for usage over the plan hours will be billed with the next months bill. For example, you sign up for the 15 hour plan in January. You would pay $14.95 when you sign up. Let's assume your usage was 18 hours in January. Your Feburary bill would be $14.95 for the plan hours in February + $3.00 for the 3 hours you used over the 15 in January for a total of $17.95.

Credit Card Customers will be automatically billed each month by the 10th of the month untill notified by the customer to cancel the service.
Change Plan Type - To change your plan to the 15 hours or Unlimited per month, notify SouthNet by email, snail mail or phone. The new plan you select will become effective the first day of the following month.

           Any account that has been cancelled due to non-pay will require a $10.00 reconnect fee in addition to any old balances.

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